I live intensively. I am fully committed to my work. I love my family. I enjoy my leisure time while also consciously undertaking sports. It is important to me to know the state of my health.

Do you recognise yourself? Perfect.

Prevention. Our health is precious. We all have big plans. We want to achieve so much in our lives. We want to realise our desires and goals. However, anyone who has ever experienced a serious illness knows that all professional and personal goals, plans and wishes can suddenly become unimportant. The focus then turns solely to healing.

It is better if we focus at an early stage on the maintenance and improvement of our most valuable resource: our health!

Our practice will support you. How?

  • We undertake a detailed anamnesis
    What is your pre-medical history? What is your families medical history? What risk factors exist?
  • We examine your body thoroughly
    We achieve an overview with our eyes, sense of touch and modern medical devices. Blood analysis, urinary analysis and if necessary, further tests, will complete what we call the “full-body-status”. The extensiveness of the examination depends on your personal risk profile.
  • We show an interest in your personality and psyche
    Every person reacts differently. We know this and with our methods take into account you as a human being in your entirety.
  • We control the findings
  • We support you with individual precaution therapies

Our precaution possibilities combine grandmothers’ old wisdoms with the most modern conventional medicine. We support you with daily life tips regarding diet, physical activities and relaxation, as well as with special infusion therapies.