Gregor Blome MD


A very warm welcome!

Dr. med. Gregor Blome

I am the head of the Practice for General Medicine and Diagnostic in the Atos Clinic in Munich.  You can find our modern and elegantly furnished practice on the third floor of the ATOS Clinic in Munich.

The principal focuses of my work are diagnostic and prevention medicine. It is my life and I see it as a vocation to support my patients in their sense of responsibility.

In my practice, we undertake a health check-up in order to establish an individual risk profile for the patient. A comprehensive health status is therefore created. The programmed diagnostic includes high-resolution ultrasound examinations in order to examine the inner organs, the thyroid, the muscles and joints, arterial and venous vessels as well as echocardiography (heart ultrasound). With this it is possible to identify health risks on time and to treat them accordingly.

In addition, I see an added benefit in the use of  “gentle medicine” such as infusion therapy. You can find out more about how this therapy can help here.

In order to be always up-to-date, I regularly visit training and further education seminars for ultrasound diagnostics and further currently important topics involving the general medicine and surgical-orthopaedic practices.


Clinical Career


  • 2008: Establishment of the General Medicine Practice in the ATOS Clinic in Munich
  • 2000: Medical director of the private acute service in Munich
  • 1998: Establishment of a private practice in Kaufinger Straße / Marienplatz in Munich
  • 1998: Consultant for General Medicine
  • 1995: Promotion