Vitality Therapy


Vitality Therapy – Gentle medicine – what do we mean by this?

In addition to training and further education in conventional medical therapeutical methods, our doctors also practice alternative methods. Infusion therapy and acupuncture are their main focus. The supporting and accompanying use of such therapies can avoid or even prevent the intake of medication.


Infusion therapy is a continuous therapy which is undertaken over a certain period of time involving the administration of intravenous fluids with medication, electrolytes etc.

Our practice uses infusions specifically in the form of vitality therapy in prevention and/or support. High-dose vitamin complexes are principally used.

  • Infusion treatment for the nervous system
  • Anti-stress infusions
  • Skin & hair construction treatment
  • Vitalising treatment– for reduced physical performance
  • Brain and nerve treatment – during stress, tension and exam situations
  • Immune system stimulating treatment – for increasing the body’s defenses
  • Detoxification and purification treatments – for eliminating morbid factors of metabolism blockades
  • Homeopathic infusion treatments
  • Vital-, immune-, microcirculations- and detoxification treatments
  • Infusion during increased susceptibility for infections
  • General evacuation infusion
  • Infusion for degenerative joint illnesses
  • Infusion for inflammatory joint illnesses
  • Infusion for vertigo
  • Infusion for cholestasis
  • Infusion for liver-detoxification
  • Evacuation infusion for the stomach and intestines
  • Infusion for acidosis of the body
  • Infusion therapy for Helicobacter pylori
  • Infusion for evacuation of the kidneys
  • Infusion for tinnitus or acute hearing loss
  • Infusion for evacuation of heavy metal contamination of the body
  • Infusion for an acute cold
  • Infusion for acute diarrhoea